This site is an arbitrary collection of my amateur rocketry activities. Since the 1990’s I have been part of the amateur rocketry scene in Denmark. In the 1990’s I was a member of several amateur rocket associations and informal groups. However since 1998 all of my rocketry activities have been as a member of DARK. DARK is an acronym for Dansk Amatør Raket Klub (Danish amateur rocketry association), it is the oldest amateur rocketry association in Denmark. At the time of writing, DARK is mostly invisible on the web, but nevertheless DARK is still active with rocket motor development and testing.

My primary amateur rocketry work has been within the propulsion field. Initially with solid fuel, then hybrids and now I am mostly into liquid propellants, hence the name of this site. Even though I contributed significantly to development of solid fuel motors in DARK, I have only ever launched one of my own rockets until now.

The long term intention with this site is to document my new rocketry projects on the path to amateur space flight. As an amateur I do not expect to do any kinds of rapid progress, but rather through small successive steps edge closer to space, one small step at a time.